Tapptic teams worked with Sécurité Routière on their new Android mobile application: “Mode Conduite” already available here!


Its aim is to guarantee the safety of drivers while driving. Once in the car, the app will automatically block the user’s phone notifications. In case of incoming calls, a SMS will systematically be sent to inform that the user is currently driving and therefore cannot answer. A functionality also allows to create groups to personalize messages according to the circles of the user (family, friends, colleague…).


This technical achievement is possible thanks to two different technologies:


  • Bluetooth. The phone detects the car’s Bluetooth and concludes that notifications need to be disabled.


  • A Google API: API rental. It makes it possible to detect when the user is in the car, it makes the difference between a journey by bus, by bicycle, on foot and obviously by car.


The application also allows you to calculate the number of kilometers traveled since the app is active. This project mobilized the work of an Android developer for nearly 7 weeks, and the whole team is proud of the result!